Audiosurf Beta 1.19.08

Unique puzzle-racing game that adapts to music you input

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    Beta 1.19.08

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    Windows Vista / Windows XP

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AudioSurf is a cool game that stands as quite unique in many respects, none of the least of which is that you get to decide the entire soundtrack of the game based on your personal musical preferences.

What AudioSurf Offers

If you took Tron and mixed it with your own playlist, an infinitely changing track, and an arcade game from the 1980s, you would come out with AudioSurf. Although there are many popular games on today’s market, many of which are like playable movies, a lot of people still enjoy originality and simplicity in their video games. AudioSurf brings plenty of each, standing out as wholly unique while having the nostalgic feel of an old arcade classic. The end result is a game that’s very underrated yet adored by its small niche.

AudioSurf is a free game available for Windows XP and Vista, so that’s probably why it has not taken off yet. It’s not yet available for Windows 7 and 8, and they have been the top dogs for a few years now. Vista is far from obsolete, but 7 and 8 are simply larger markets. AudioSurf and its niche currently enjoy a game that would probably be a smash hit if available for newer operating systems.

The Features of AudioSurf

The first thing that stands out as cool about AudioSurf is that the game uses music that’s pulled directly from your hard drive. So if you’re a rock fan, rock is the music you’ll be listening to while you play. The same goes for any genre or any type of music you have on your PC. AudioSurf taps directly into it and uses your music as its soundtrack.

Another feature that’s great with AudioSurf is the game itself. To make your music play, you have to navigate the course at high speeds and drive over the correct bricks and notes. You’ll know you’re losing when the music stops. Likewise, you’ll know you’re doing well if the music plays continuously.

The track feature is unique and entertaining. The graphics might be a little old and basic, but there are infinite variations of track in the game. That’s because you create the track as you drive, depending on the direction you’re going, how many designated spots you drive over, etc. You’re building the game as you drive through it.

There’s also a puzzle aspect to AudioSurf. You’re not just driving around blindly looking for areas to hit to play music. There’s a rhyme and reason to everything in this game, and if you want the music to crank, you have to figure out the different moves to make.


  • Personalized soundtrack
  • No two tracks are alike
  • Addictive to play
  • A very original game


  • The game can lag and glitch at times
  • The graphics are just too basic for some gamers

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